Computer Science

Computing underpins modern life, and the link between current research in computing and commercial product is critical to the continuing success of the IT industry. This programme will equip you with the core technical and problem-solving skills to tackle current and emerging challenges in this crucial and fast-changing field.

You will start with the fundamentals of programming and the underlying mathematical principles of computer science. You will go on to develop skills in software engineering and algorithm design as well as exploring challenges in topics such as cloud and mobile computing and robotics and graphics that will shape the future.

Rewarding careers
With the continuing application of computer technologies, rapid growth of hardware and software technologies, their allied industries, and widespread application, the demand for our graduates is set to continue for the foreseeable future. You are likely to find employment in the IT industry, ranging from start-ups to international organisations such as Microsoft and IBM, and across a range of other sectors including technology, retail, finance, public authorities and consultancies.

Two degrees in four years
Upon successful completion of your programme of study, you will be awarded a BSc Computer Science from the University of Leeds and the SWJTU Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology.

Course content
These are the typical modules studied and may change from time to time.

Year one is a common year for all students, dedicated to developing your English language, physics and mathematics skills to allow you to succeed on your chosen programme of study for the following three years.


Year 1
 Compulsory modules

English study skills for engineering

Physics 1: Materials

Physics 2: Electricity

Mathematics 1

Mathematics 2

Military skills training

Military theory

Moral and legal foundation

Introduction to Mao Zedong thought and theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics 1

Physical Education 1

Introduction to Mao Zedong thought and theories of socialism with Chinese characteristics 2

The basic principles of Marxism.


Year 2
Compulsory modules

Programming for the web

Introduction to web technologies


Computer architecture

Computer processors

Fundamental mathematical concepts

Introduction to discrete mathematics

Procedural programming

Object orientated programming

Professional computing

Programming project

Engineering communication skills

Chinese modern and contemporary history

Physical education 2.


Year 3
Compulsory modules

Data mining

Operating systems


Formal languages and finite automata

Numerical computation

Artificial intelligence

Algorithms and data structures 1

Algorithms and data structures 2

User interfaces

Software engineering.

Optional modules
You will study one of the following modules:

Web application development

Social and mobile web development.


Year 4
Compulsory modules

Data science

Distributed systems

Mobile application development


Information visualisation

Computer graphics

Secure computing