SWJTU-Leeds Joint School First Year Induction

  Author:Young Yang     Time:2017-09-08   Hits:1380  

In the bright morning sunshine, First Year Induction was held at 10 a.m. on September 2 in Teaching Building 4. This Induction was chaired by Joanne Shell, Director of Year 1 and Shen Yixin, Co-Director of Year1. 

Joanne introduced to all freshmen the modules in Year1 and their professors. She mentioned that all exam-related contents would be released on Minerva (former Virtual Learning Environment), and each of them must check their Minerva regularly. She also paid special attention to Progression and Resit, hoping that all of them could progress. 

Shen Yixin encouraged students to communicate in English despite the Chinese-speaking environment. She hoped all freshmen could adapt themselves to the intense learning after a long vacation and prepare themselves for the English test in Week 3. Stressed as they might feel, these freshmen were looking forward to the coming school life.