Professor Wang Xiaoru Delivers “First Lesson in University” to Freshmen

  Author:Xu Yang     Time:2017-09-14   Hits:2882  

At 19:30, September 12th, Professor Wang Xiaoru, Assistant President of Southwest Jiaotong University delivered a lecture to all freshmen in the Joint School themed on “first lesson in university”. The lecture was hosted by Dr. Ren Xinhong, CPC Branch Leader of the Joint School.


图片Wang Xiaoru delivering the first lesson to freshmen


Wang introduced the knowledge, abilities and qualities required for students to be “leadership in an inter-cultural background and competent on the world stage” and ways for them to improve their learning capacity.


图片Ren Xinghong introducing Wang Xiaoru to all freshmen


Wang Xiaoru hoped that all freshmen could know well the university from different aspects and make full use of university resources and leave time for sports to keep healthy.


图片Wang Xiaoru delivering the first lesson to freshmen


图片Students absorbed in Wang’s lecture


With regard to student development, Wang Xiaoru hoped that students could be fully prepared for future study and life with their English proficiency, inter-cultural communication skills, learning and working skills as well as innovation and research capacities and have a high sense of confidence both in Chinese culture and in themselves.


图片Wang Xiaoru reading the draft before the lecture


图片Freshmen talking with teachers


With applause, the lecture came to a successful end.


图片Students taking notes


图片Students recording Wang’s lecture