Delegation from University of Leeds visits SWJTU-Leeds Joint School

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On 24 November, a delegation of 10 people from University of Leeds visited SWJTU-Leeds Joint School. Members of the delegation are: Prof. Hai-Sui Yu, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of University of Leeds, Prof. Peter Jimack, Executive Dean, Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Raul Fuentes, Pro Dean (International), Faculty of Engineering, Prof. Peter Woodward, Head of the Institute for High Speed Rail, Prof. Stephen Scott, Executive Dean, Faculty of Math and Physical Sciences, Dr. Robert Sturman, Pro Dean (International), Faculty of Maths and Physical Sciences, Prof. Francis Finlay, Executive Dean, Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures, Prof. Manuel Barcia Paz, Pro Dean (International), Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Cultures and Ms Julia Wang, Senior International Marketing Manager

Wang Shunhong meeting UoL delegation

At 9:00 am, Prof. Wang Shunhong, Secretary of CPC Committee, Southwest Jiaotong University, welcomed the delegation in Xipu campus and conveyed President Xu Fei’s cordial greetings from Beijing. He briefly introduced the achievements Southwest Jiaotong University has gained in teaching and internationalization. And SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, as the fruit of new-model international collaboration in student development, marks the close partnership between the two universities and lays a solid foundation for expanded collaboration. Wang hoped that the teaching resources, concepts and management modes from University of Leeds could help boost the internationalization of Southwest Jiaotong University and the construction of “Double First-Class”.

Wang Shunhong meeting UoL delegation

Hai-Sui Yu introduced the history and internationalization process of University of Leeds. Speaking highly of the contribution Southwest Jiaotong University has made to SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, he expressed the resolve in building a bridge of bilateral cooperation as alumnus of Southwest Jiaotong University. University of Leeds has set up The Institute for High Speed Rail and System Integration focusing on high-speed rail and system as the name suggests and serving the construction of HS2 in the UK. Hai-Sui Yu hoped this could facilitate in-depth collaboration in high-speed rail between both universities.

 Yan Qipeng hosting the symposium.

Representatives from both universities attended a symposium hosted by Prof. Yan Qipeng, Vice-Secretary, CPC Committee, Southwest Jiaotong University in Room 611.

Consensus has been reached on research collaboration, staff and student exchange, joint programmes. Stephen Scott, Robert Sturman, Peter Woodward, Francis Finlay and Manuel Barcia Paz met with their counterparts and experts from individual school respectively. The parties reached an agreement on research cooperation, platform construction and student exchange. Professor Jin Zhongmin delivered a speech about the current situations and future plan of the Joint School.

Representatives from both universities discussing collaboration and exchange

Professor Jin Zhongmin, Dean of Joint School delivering a speech 

At 10:00am, High-speed Railway Technology Symposium was held in the board room of SWJTU-Leeds Joint School. The symposium was hosted by Dr. Wang Xing, Vice Director of Scientific Research and Development Office, with attendees from State-key Laboratory of Traction Power, School of Civil Engineering, School of Electrical Engineering, School of Information Science and Technology, SWJTU-Leeds Joint School and International Office. Both sides had an in-depth exchange and discussion on the following topics: high speed railway noise and vibration control, signal monitoring and intelligent control, mobile communication and 5G wireless communication technology and car networking technology, retaining wall design and embankment reinforcement of high speed railway, high voltage insulation technology, electronic information technology, maglev and superconducting technology, ballastless track and teacher-student exchange, joint labs and joint application for “111” base.

Group photo of attendees of High-speed Railway Technology Symposium

The delegation also met School of Foreign languages, Faculty of Geo-sciences and Environmental Engineering, School of Physical Science and Technology, School of Humanities, School of Public Affairs and Law, School of Architecture and Design and School of Civil Engineering. The delegates exchanged opinions with directors and academic leaders from individual school on future collaboration and both sides intended to collaborate on the following aspects: joint dual-degree “2+2”,”3+1” programme for undergraduates; joint master and PhD programme; strengthening research cooperation. To deepen collaboration between both universities on research on intelligent robots, big data analysis, functional materials development, Tribology and other cutting--edge fields by means of inviting teaching and research staff from each side to participate in research projects or to apply for new projects jointly, to publish papers jointly, to set up joint labs etc.; cooperation in high-speed railway by relying on the achievements that Southwest Jiaotong University have gained in rail transit.

UoL delegation participating in symposiums in individual school

At 14:00 pm, Dr. Xing Huanlai showed Peter Jimack around computer laboratory of SWJTU-Leeds Joint School. Peter was impressed by laboratory construction and hoped that both sides could work together to provide better teaching facilities to students and improve teaching quality.

Peter Jimack and Raul Fuentes visiting computer laboratory

Later Hai-Sui Yu, Peter Jimack, Raul Fuentes and Julia Wang had a talk with 10 student representatives from Cohort 2017. Hai-Sui Yu delivered a speech on behalf of University of Leeds, saying: “University of Leeds and Southwest Jiaotong University are trying their best to provide students the best teaching and student support. Students in SWJTU-Leeds Joint School are equally privileged as students in University of Leeds. I really hope you can work hard and seize the chance to study in Leeds., which will be a wonderful experience in you life.” Speaking of life and study in the Joint School, Wu Jingyuan, one of the student representatives, was surprised by how his English competency had been improved during the 3 months in the Joint School. Teachers’ patience and care and support from classmates made study in the Joint School enjoyable and happy. In the interaction part, student representatives asked questions about student support during their study in Leeds, module arrangement, qualities for an engineering graduate and the summer school. Peter Jimack expressed his best wishes to all students, hoping they would have excellent skills in teamwork, self-expression and negotiation, inter-cultural communication and problem solving in 4 years.

Hai-Sui Yu meeting student representatives

 Hai-Sui Yu meeting student representatives

Following that, the delegates also met teacher representatives. Yu hoped that they could learn about the Joint School from different aspects in this visit and know about teachers’ work here. Teachers are crucial and a key element to running the Joint School and their suggestions and opinions are helpful to improve teaching and elevate the internationalization level of the Joint School. In free discussion, teacher representatives exchanged opinions on Continuing Professional Development, communication between teachers from both sides, technical module arrangement and lab management.

 Hai-Sui Yu meeting teacher representatives

Hai-Sui Yu meeting teacher representatives

At 16:00 pm, the delegates had an in-depth discussion with Yan Qipeng, Prof. Wang Xiaoru, Assistant President of Southwest Jiaotong University, Deputy Programme Directors and leadership of the Joint School in Room X9412. The discussion was hosted by Yan Qipeng. He mentioned that the Joint School is the fruit of the highly compatible strategies of both universities, a full expression of the will, the shared goal and a totally agreed concept to run the Joint School. Both universities have set their mind to and are confident in leading the Joint School to world-class. This visit is a mark of close cooperation between both universities and Yan hoped that both sides could learn from each other and work together to make SWJTU-Leeds a “first-class joint institution” in the world. Hai-Sui Yu expressed his gratitude to Southwest Jiaotong University for the warm welcome. He believed that the Joint School is a significant part of the internationalization strategy of University of Leeds. He was happy to see the fruitful results achieved in the Joint School since its foundation and was grateful to Southwest Jiaotong University’s support. He wished that both universities could have broadened and deepened collaboration on higher levels and provide a wider platform for the internationalization of both universities. Next both sides discussed heatedly the problems and future plan of the Joint School.

Hai-Sui Yu meeting Yan Qipeng

At 9:00 am on November 25th, Peter Jimack delivered a speech to students, explaining in detail the problems that students might meet when they study in University of Leeds.

 Peter Jimack delivering a speech to Students