Professor Peter Jimack visits Joint School

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Prof. Peter Jimack, Dean of Faculty of Engineering, University of Leeds, paid a visit to the Joint School on 17th April. He had a friendly discussion with all Joint School staff on Continuing Professional Development, global recruitment for academic staff, student management and other concerns shared by the Joint School staff at 9:00 am. At 12:00 pm he was invited to the 2nd Dean’s Lunch with Prof. Jin Zhongmin, Dean of the Joint School and Prof. Dariusz Wanatowski, Pro-Dean of the Joint School. They had lunch with 10 lucky students, explaining to them in detail some of the hot topics among students, for example Summer School, applying for PhD in UoL, student activities and making use of extracurricular time. They also kindly gave suggestions on students’ future development. Later at 14:00 pm a symposium was held between Prof. Peter Jimack and academic staff from four programmes. Both sides discussed fully on communication mechanism between SWJTU and UoL academic staff, amendment of programme specifications and other teaching-related issues.