SWJTU-Leeds Joint School Opening Ceremony for Cohort 2017

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On 1st September, 2017, SWJTU-Leeds Joint School (hereinafter referred to as the Joint School) Opening Ceremony for Cohort 2017 was held on the third floor of No.2 canteen. Professor Wang Xiaoru, Assistant President of Southwest Jiaotong University, Dr. Ren Xinhong, CPC branch leader of the Joint School, Professor Jin Zhongmin, Dean of the Joint School, Professor Huang Tao, Deputy Dean of the Joint School, Professor Dariusz Wanatowski, Pro-dean of the Joint School, and Professor Martin Levesley presented the opening ceremony together with programmme directors, deputy programme directors, academic and administrative staff. The opening ceremony was chaired by Dr. Ren Xinhong.

Professor Wang Xiaoru first delivered a speech to introduce the Joint School to all students and their parents. In her speech, Ms. Wang hoped that all students can cherish their time in the Joint School, make full use of the rich teaching resources from the two time-honored universities and prepare well for further study, life and career after graduation. Professor Jin Zhongmin spoke to all student in English, urging students of the Joint School to fulfill the legacy from both Universities and follow the motto of Southwest Jiaotong University and University of Leeds. Professor Dariusz Wanatowski expressed his best wishes for the students of Cohort 2017 and encouraged them to work hard in the coming years. Professor Yi Sirong, Deputy Programme Director of Civil Engineering with Transport, extended her concern to the students on behalf of all academic staff.

Qin Zixin spoke as a representative of Cohort 2017. He expressed his resolution to get out of the “secured area” and to reach a higher stage of both study and life.

Next leaders and programme directors helped student representatives to put on the badges of University of Leeds and handed them offer letters from University of Leeds.

A special part of the opening ceremony was to award the best students of Cohort 2016. Best Student Overall went to Ren Zhiwei, Best Student in Mathematics went to Gao Xinya and Chen Guanyu, Best Student in Physics went to Li Xiangrui and Best Student in English went to Tang Yixin.

With Oath of Admission, the opening ceremony came to a full success.