Southwest Jiaotong University Students of Cohort 2017 to Transfer to SWJTU-Leeds Joint School

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SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, approved by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China, is a cooperative education institution by Southwest Jiaotong University and University of Leeds. Positioned in elite education on the basis of rich education resources in both universities, SWJTU-Leeds Joint School is a high-level institution for higher education in engineering-related fields.

 SWJTU-Leeds Joint School is committed to shaping students into global talents with international horizon, excellent English proficiency, high professional level, strong innovative ability and sense of responsibility. All Leeds modules in SWJTU-Leeds Joint School are delivered in English. Students will be awarded a Bachelor’s Degree from University of Leeds and a Bachelor’s Degree and Diploma from Southwest Jiaotong University upon graduation. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for students to study in Leeds for one or two years when they finish Year 2 or Year 3.

To provide Cohort 2017 students in Xipu Campus of Southwest Jiaotong University with more opportunities to enjoy world-class education resources,  SWJTU-Leeds Joint School now, provides space in its four programmes with approval from Dean’s Office, Office of Admissions and Career Development, and Office of International Cooperation and Exchanges &Office of HTM Affairs of Southwest Jiaotong University and approval from University of Leeds.

1. Spaces available on each programme:

1) Civil Engineering with Transport: 6

2) Mechanical Engineering: 3

3) Electronic and Electrical Engineering: 2

4) Computer Science: 3


2. The following students are NOT allowed to transfer to  SWJTU-Leeds Joint School:

1)        Liberal arts students

2)        Arts students

3)        Joint-education programme students or company-sponsored students

4)        Students who are suspended from their studies or have suspended their studies for any reason.


3. In order to transfer in to SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, students must meet with following criteria:

1) A minimum of 75% of the total English marks in the College Entrance Examination (GAO KAO).

2) Students are willing to take the tuition fees in SWJTU-Leeds Joint School. Please visit the official website of SWJTU-Leeds Joint School for more details. (


4. In order to transfer to SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, students need to provide the following:

1) English and Chinese application forms

2) Official transcript of College Entrance Examination (GAO KAO)


5. Process for programme transfer

1) Students must submit their application forms to Student Support Reception Counter on Floor 4 of No.9 Teaching Building by 17:00, September 13, 2017.

2) SWJTU-Leeds Joint School collects all application forms and send them to Pro-Dean of students’ current parent programme for examination.

3) An expert team from SWJTU-Leeds Joint School will examine and evaluate all applicants to determine the candidates for interview on 14 September.  SWJTU-Leeds Joint School will inform candidates of the time and venue for interview by telephone.

4)  SWJTU-Leeds Joint School will submit the final result to Southwest Jiaotong University for approval.

5) The supervision department of Southwest Jiaotong University will oversee the selection process.


If you have any question, please contact Teaching Support Centre of SWJTU-Leeds Joint School at 66367507.


SWJTU-Leeds Joint School.

September 7, 2017

Download:English Application Form