Dr. Fan Daihe won first prize in Lecture Competition

  Author:Young Yang     Time:2017-09-08   Hits:722  

Dr. Fan Daihe, Physics lecturer in SWJTU-Leeds Joint School, won first prize in the third “Higher Education Cup” National Lecture Competition for Fundamentals of Physics held in Guangxi Normal University. Fan was the representative of the colleges and universities in Southwest China and he ranked first in the final.

The lecture competition is organized with the joint efforts of Teaching Steering Committee of College Physics under Ministry of Education, Teaching Steering Committee of Physics Majors under Ministry of Education and Physics Teaching Committee of Chinese Physics Society. Aimed at encouraging more young teachers to devote themselves to teaching fundamental Physics, promoting teaching reform, improving teaching standard and quality of student cultivation, this competition is of the highest level for fundamental Physics teaching in China. The first two lecture competitions were on “College Physics”, and this was the first one on “College Physics Laboratory”.

The competition was divided in three stages, provincial-level preliminary, regional-level quarter-final and national-level final. Fan participated in the preliminary in Sichuan University on June 18 and competed in the quarter-final as provincial lead on July 10. He continued his glory as first in Southwest China successfully won the first place in the final. In the awarding, Fan demonstrated  Experiment of Michelson Interferometer.