Military training of cohort 2017

  Author:Young Yang     Time:2017-09-11   Hits:868  

On the morning of September 11, Dr. Ren Xinhong, CPC branch leader of SWJTU-Leeds Joint School (hereinafter referred to as the Joint School), Professor Jin Zhongmin, Dean of the Joint School and Professor Huang Tao, Deputy Dean of the Joint School came to visit Cohort 2017 on the military training ground together with Ms Liu Yaoqian, Manager of Student Support Centre and student counsellors. These freshmen have been in military training for about a week, but their loud slogans and vital faces showed their determination and perseverance.

School leaders distributed bottled water to students, talked with military training director and expressed their sincere gratitude to instructors for their hard work. They urged students to seize the opportunity and take military training as a challenge to make themselves physically and mentally stronger.

Military training is the “first lesson” in students ’college life. The Joint School has been trying its best to serve students and solve their problems.