This programme is a dual award delivered by Southwest Jiaotong University and the University of Leeds. Leveraging the strengths of these two prestigious institutions, this unique programme combines rigorous academic training with innovative research opportunities.

Experience the dynamic and culturally diverse city of Leeds while pursuing your studies at one of the UK's premier research universities. At the same time, discover China's rich history and rapidly developing technology landscape by enrolling at Southwest Jiaotong University - one of the top-ranked institutions of higher learning in China.

By participating in our dual PhD degree programme, you will gain a global perspective and acquire the skills necessary to thrive in a competitive and ever-changing job market. Work alongside internationally renowned researchers across diverse fields and engage in life-changing academic pursuits.

Don't wait - apply now and embark on a rewarding academic journey that will take your career to new heights. The Dual PhD Degree Programme offers endless possibilities for growth and achievement.

Research Projects and Number of Admissions

Number of Admissions

Research Projects

Parent School at SWJTU


Civil Engineering (081400)

School of Civil Engineering


Mechanical Design and Theory (080203)

School of Mechanical Engineering


Electrical Engineering (080800)

School of Electrical Engineering


Computer Science and Technology (081200)

School ofComputing and Artificial Intelligence


Materials Science and Engineering (080500)

School of Materials Science and Engineering

Programme Structure

1) Upon successful completion of the training plans, fulfillment of academic requirements, and passing of the dissertation defense of both universities, the students will be granted with the Dual Doctoral Degree of Southwest Jiaotong University and the University of Leeds.

2) Supervisors of the two universities work jointly to guide students in their research and dissertation.

3) The basic learning period of this programme is 4 or 5 years with 2 years studying in Leeds according tothe student type (straight-to-PhD, successive postgraduate and PhD,PhD student with Master degree).

English Language Requirements

Applicants are required to have an IELTS score of 6.5 or above (at least 6.0 for each item) or an equivalent English language qualification.

Fees and Costs

The University of Leeds waives tuition fees.

Scholarships and Funding

In addition to applying for the university-wide doctoral scholarship at Southwest Jiaotong University, students in this programme are eligible to apply for China Scholarship Council (CSC) funding or funding by the Joint School.

Applying Process

The aforementioned three types of doctoral students who have been admitted toor started study at SWJTU are eligible to apply for the programme.

1) Talk to your SWJTU supervisor with this idea.

2) Your SWJTU supervisor should reach out to a supervisor at Leeds to conduct a joint interview with the applicant and determine if you are suitable for the Dual PhD programme. Both supervisors must then agree to jointly supervise the student throughout their degree.

3) Submit your written application to the Joint School and the University of Leeds before April 2024.

4) You will participate in an online interview conducted by a panel of supervisors from both universities. If the interview is successful, you will be admitted to the project and can begin studying for your Dual PhD degree.

5) You may begin the Dual PhD degree program during the autumn semester of the second year, provided that you have received an admission letter from Leeds.

6) Matters not mentioned herein shall be explained bythe SWJTU-Leeds Joint School.

Contact: Jessie Liu

Tel: +86-02866367102