Mechanical Engineering
Date:2022-11-05   Edited By:TSO

From sports equipment to high-tech operating theatres for hospitals, vehicles and public transport infrastructure, and industrial applications such as the structural design of oil platforms – mechanical engineers play a crucial part in shaping the way we live. A wide range of skills are needed to be able to successfully design and manufacture what we need in an efficient, environmentally friendly and sustainable way – and meet the demands and challenges of the modern world.

As the branch of engineering that involves the design, production, and operation of machinery. mechanical engineers must be able to combine engineering physics and mathematics principles with materials science.

Studying mechanical engineering at Leeds will open up a whole world of opportunities for your career. You’ll develop your abilities, knowledge and skills across the full range of mechanical engineering, from the fundamentals of design and manufacture to fluid dynamics. You’ll also have scope to specialise in fields that interest you, such as vehicle design or biomedical engineering.

Our degree programmes develop world-class mechanical engineers who help meet the challenges facing the machine manufacturing sector. Our active Industrial Advisory Board helps inform the development of this course to ensure that it is up-to-date with industry developments and requirements. That’s one of the reasons why our graduates are so in demand from industry, and why our courses are accredited by the leading professional bodies.

This is a practical course, so you’ll benefit from specialist facilities including extensive lab space and equipment our high-spec CAD cluster for design work, High Performance Computing for aerodynamics analysis and workshop facilities for various rapid prototyping systems. You’ll also develop your programming skills in industry standard languages like LabVIEW and Matlab, giving you everything you need to get started on your career in mechanical engineering.

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