Civil Engineering with Transport
Date:2022-11-05   Edited By:TSO

Civil engineering is shaping the built environment that surrounds us every day. Roads, railways, hospitals, offices, schools, infrastructure, water and power supply – we depend on civil engineers to design and manage the projects that improve the world we live in and protect the natural environment. Civil Engineers will play a major role in addressing the current climate crisis - sustainability and environmental impact (including addressing the high impact of transport) are key elements throughout all years of this degree.

Qualified civil engineers are in demand across the construction sector; exciting roles are also found working for consultancies, local authorities, government departments, utility companies and environmental organisations in the UK and internationally.

Studying civil engineering with transport at Leeds will open up a whole world of opportunities for your career. You’ll develop and fine-tune theoretical and practical abilities and learn to solve problems using analytical, technical and decision-making skills.

Our degree programmes develop world-class civil engineers who actively contribute to sustainable and economic growth whilst maintaining the highest ethical standards and delivering the infrastructure we all rely on in everyday life. That’s one of the reasons why our courses are accredited by several leading professional bodies and are shaped by our world-leading research.

This is a practical course, so you’ll also have access to excellent laboratory facilities, design studio, as well as extensive library facilities and computing equipment, including industry standard software such as Revit (Building Information Modelling), IES (dynamic thermal modelling) and Robot (structural analysis). Our impressive laboratory facilities include specialist facilities for structures, materials, public health engineering, building services and geotechnics – everything you need to get started on your career as a chartered civil engineer.

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