Materials Science and Engineering
Date:2023-05-30   Edited By:TSO

From aerospace, communications and medicine, right through to everyday consumer goods like TVs, technical fabrics for high-performance clothing and sports equipment, the discovery and development of new materials have significantly impacted the world. Materials science is also at the forefront of global challenges like the move towards net zero, with new materials for energy generation and storage enabling reduced carbon emissions. This is why material scientists are highly sought after across a wide range of industries — and why it’s such a relevant discipline to learn.

Studying materials science and engineering at SWJTU-Leeds Joint School will equip you with a thorough grounding in the concepts that underpin materials science from an engineering, physics and chemistry perspective, alongside learning a range of transferable skills to equip you for a career in this fast-moving field.

You’ll have access to specialist facilities right here on campus, alongside exciting opportunities like studying abroad and industrial work placements to ensure you have the best grounding to head out into your professional career.